" One's inner nature, our life source; the center from which cultivates mastery, strength, wisdom & tranquility"

Hara Healing

What is the meaning of Hara? Hara is your core, the subtle center of your being- physically your Hara is below your navel, halfway the navel and pubic bone, and halfway between the iliac crests. This is the center of pranamaya kosha, and is considered the center of life & vitality in many traditions. The Hara is the subtle center from where the energy radiates in the whole subtle and physical body- all movements of the body start here. Core or Hara being the center of life and emotions.

Upcoming Events

Guided Forest Bathing Walks

This is a transformational walk in the practice of Forest Therapy also known as Forest Bathing. Forest Bathing is a relational practice that brings people into a deeper intimacy with natural places. It is a kind of immersion in nature than may be different to what you might have experienced in the past or what you might be used to-it is not a fitness hike nor is it a naturalist led walk. Instead a forest therapy walk is series of guided invitations that will awaken your senses, encourage you to take in nature at a much slower pace than what you may be used t. Enlivening a more conscious connection with the inherent healing properties of nature. Forest Therapy is a researched-based framework for supporting the healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments and is attributed to many health benefits including boosted immune function, improved cardiovascular, respiratory health, attention restoration and reduction in stress and depression.

Eco Yoga

Eco Yoga is a practice outdoors that helps save carbon footprint by saving energy from being in a studio, you'll get your vitmin D intake, boost your mental well-being & you'll be at one with the earth.

wellness in the workplace, Special Events, Retreats & Mobile Services.

Bringing the wellness atmosphere to you and your event! Hara Healing provides mobile services whether it may be at your vacation rental, AirBnB stay, home or workplace to treat your employees for special events such as admin day, conferences, employee appreciation or holiday events.  Hara Healing also hosts and helps with any special events or retreats.  Holistic Cooking, Yoga, Meditations, Forest Bathing Guides, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Thai Foot Reflexology, Massages, Chair Massage and Express Thai Herbal Facials.  Whatever your event plans we can customize and personalize to your event group so that you receive full relaxation & a healing wellness experience.

Personalized Holistic Health, Beauty & Living Practices

Hara Healing Provides an array of services from personalized holistic healing such as Ayurvedic Practices, Massage therapy, Marma point therapy, Thai body work, Herbal poultice (Luk Pra Kob), Thai Reflexology & One-on-One Yoga Sessions. 

Aesthetic services focusing on Natural Glam; Ayurvedic Facials, Facial sculpting for a Natural Face Lift using Kansa wand, Gua-Sha, Marma points, Thai Herbal Compress, Facial Cupping, Eyelash Tinting, Henna Eyebrow Art & East Indian Eyebrow Threading.

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